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From a month or so I am ill. First there was ear pain doctor gave me medicines in the results of medication I got dry mouth. Now dry mouth condition is resolved but since after that I am feeling ad something in my throat ... I also have sinus problem and post nasal drip. If any one have answer of my question and condition


hi, sounds like you are really run down at the moment, and it seems like your symptoms have lasted a long time. it may be worth consulting your doctor, he will be able to examine your throat and check that there is nothing amiss. are you still on medication now? some alternative, cheap day to day cures that may work such asa sage throat gargle. basically just steep some sage in hot water and use it as a throat gargle. make sure you have a good healthy diet to help your body fight off any bugs. this time of the year ear and throat and nose problems are hard to shift. hope you feel better soon.