It all started when i got a cold when i was 11 I got over the cold but still had this green mucus in my throat i have never smoked a day in my life. I am 23 now and sick of coughing and irratating my throat and nothing comes up!I have asked my friends about it.I would try coughing up the mucus and feel like im choking and then feel i might pass out. I have been dealing with this problem for so long I can't take it. It's really embrrasing when im in a class and im like hacking my head off and nothing comes up so i keep on hacking.Ugh I would just like to know what the heck is wrong with me and why can't i breathe normally!!As I speak im trying to cough up this stuff. I took sinus pills. Cetrizine It worked for about 4 hours every day. Then i would try drinking something hot to loosin up the mucus and cough it up. Then if that didn't work I would take a hot rag and lay it across my throat and watch tv until it felt like everything was clearing up.Then i would cough it up and feel better the rest of the day. But, if i have the mucus in my throat i usually tend to have bad days and never care about anything.This problem is also really bad when I am PMS'ing. My hormones run high. I am taking medical courses and i have asked the professor, but they would never know.So, I started working out my own problems at the age 25, after no doctors could help me... ridiculious by the way.... I went my own way and tried my homeade concoctions, and im very pleased. One thing i learned is if you want something done try some common sense and think of stuff that you use everyday for common colds or sore throat.If you have any other ideas of what could help me more please reply thanks!