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I am trying to recover from my 5th cervical disc fuision a few weeks ago.  I am 53 and have worked for the same company for 34 years.  Work in a heave duty production job. I do not know if I will be able to still work after this as I am very limited in the movement of my neck now and still have pain sitting or staying in one position very long.  I have Deg-. Disc Desease.  I was wondering if I my be a canidate for SS disability.  Has anyone else received this for very limited movement and pain?  What are your thoughts.  Trying to prepare myself as the company doctors may not let me go back to work anyway.  Thanks


I am  whats considered a quadraplegic because of spinal cord,c-3,c-4,disc damage, at 20 yrs old ,I fought with SSD over my ability to work as most would think with the damage and inmobility of my injury I would be a sure in for SSD,,well not true,I was told I had to go back to school and learn another job,and was denied SSD until I was 40 yrs old ,even though I really stuggle to walk now,,Oh yeah Have had my c-2 through c-5 fused together and have extreme pain ,spasms and problems using my hands , But if you use one on these ahole lawyers which get people disability for adhd,bi-polor and BS like that ,you'll need to get a desk job now,,and I havent gotten any better for 32 yrs now,and with all the free loaders on the system now you'll have a fight,so good luck and this is my opinion of ssd,,:)