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I had a job related injury on 2-27-06, and was taken out of work by my doctor, until seen by a neurologist, after going in and out of work, he finally sent me for an MRI, witch showed a fully herniated disc at c5, and bulging at c6, and slight bulging at c4 he recommended surgery and referred me to a surgeon.
I continued to go in and out of work after this until finally one week before the surgery I could not lift my body out of bed anymore, had bad pain in my left arm and between my shoulder blades, neck movement was limited. And the headaches were endless, I had a disectomy at c5-c6 and the plate fixation extended c7,
after remaining out of work for 4 months the surgeon said everything looked fine, and I would always have some pain, but I new there was still something wrong, because the pain began to worsen, 3 months later I went a to new neurologist who found some nerve damage and told me not to return to work, at the same time my Job called and said my fmla was up and if a head count was needed they could let me go so I went to the surgeon and he was glad to give my a doctors note to return,
I continued to see the neurologist and he sent me for another mri this 1 showed that c4 was herniated and has changed since the post surgery mri.

I was sent to another neural surgeon and explained that the pain in my arm was unbearable mostly at night putting a shirt on and I can no longer even swim. the new surgeon gave me a doctors note to remain out of work for six weeks but when I gave him the fmla forms from my Job he said he wants nothing to do with me he refused to fill out the forms and said he been through the litigations before and wants nothing to to with it he advised me that I needed pain management but refused to prescribe it to me, he said that would cause him to keep getting the paper work every month, I’m in severe pain afraid to loose my job. and he told me to go back to the surgeon that operated on me. what is he talking about litigation? is my pain, more important ?

I feel like im caught up in a circle of corrupt doctors can someone please help


First off if it was a job related injury can't you be on worker's comp? I'm not sure how all places of employment work these days...some are just down right awful...but most employers have insurance that cover an employee hurt on the job. Unfortunately the injury has to be reported immediately and you'll probably have to proove the job caused injury to you. You may want to check into it or see a lawyer.
I had C-5,C-6 anterior disc fusion surgery over 2 yrs ago and I have still not recovered. In fact at times I feel as if I'm getting worse! I've been through the FMLA issues, doctors who don't want to be bothered, etc. and finally had to apply for disability because there is absolutely no way I can work full time. In my present condition I would be lucky to work 2-3hrs a day!
I've had the run around by doctors...that can't find out what is wrong with me and that tweek my medical files just so they do not have to get "involved". I was shocked to read my medical records from the surgeon that did my surgery. He stated that I was doing remarkably well, while I had been complaining to him of worsened pain, limited movements, numbness, etc. I went for a second opinion and that doctor told me right off that he would not get "involved" in disability.
I personally feel betrayed by the medical field! All I've ever wanted to do is get better so I could go back to work (I had to quit my job of 30 yrs) and lead my normal, busy lifestyle.
Once again if you were hurt on the may want to consult a lawyer and see what they have to say.
Good luck.