I'm 39 years old and during the past 13 months I have tried 6 IVS and failed all the times. The embryos had from 4 to 8 cell and they were "A" and "B" class (not very fragmented.

After the 6th failed IVF my doctor requested some Auto-immunity tests and the (ANA) Anti Nuclear Antibody Screen, which was divided in:


Was POSITIVE on the item (A) Nuclear

Sorry, i don't know how to translate from Portuguese the above names; I sincerely hope you manage to understand them.

Then I had the exams below aiming to find out the specific anti anti-body but they all came out NEGATIVE

- Protein P Ribosomal
- Native Anti-DNA

I don't have any symptoms. I never had a miscarriage because I never managed to get pregnant at all. My husband and I also had the "C Band" tested and we are both Ok.

I have friends that have experienced a similar situation and were treated for auto-immunity decease during the IVF procedure and succeeded in their pregnancies; one of them was oriented by her MD to not even bother making auto-immune tests and she had a smooth pregnancy and gave birth to twins.

We decided that we will try an auto-immune treatment during our next IVF and,

My question is/are:

- is there any specific treatment recommended?
- Could you please, describe it with accuracy including the names and frequency of all the medicaments?
- What are the risks involved for both the mom and the baby/ies?
- What are the organs that might be checked during the pregnancy (kidney, liver, etc?)
- Do American health insurances (like CIGNA) cover the pregnancy if it ends up in a surrogating a belly?

Thank you so much (in advance) for your time and response.