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could you please tell me if herpes affects any possible problems with ivf


Hello! Are you having an outbreak now or are you only HSV positive?

Herpes, whether it is active or not, will not affect your chances of conceiving.
The only problem you can experience with herpes if you are having an outbreak during delivery but medical stuff sees to that your cavity is sterile during delivery. Even if you do experience breakout when you are about to deliver, you will be performed a C-section, so your baby wouldn’t contract the virus.

If you are HSV positive, you will have HSV antibodies circulating through your blood and you may pass them to the fetus, which is also good for their protection. Some doctors even prescribe suppressive therapy some weeks before delivery, so that a women wouldn’t experience an outbreak.

You shouldn’t be having any breakouts during your pregnancy.

A problem with a herpes outbreak in the early pregnancy would be only if this were her first outbreak. First herpes outbreaks during early pregnancy could lead to miscarriage but I suppose you have already had outbreaks, right?

Another dangerous situation would be if the mother experiences the first outbreak in the last trimester when there is a lot of virus present and the mother is unable to create enough anti-bodies to protect the baby.

However, if you have regular check-ups with your doctor, this shouldn’t be a problem.