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In a medical book I have states 2 types of STD,s as the reason for prostatitis or uncommonly other reasons, is this true?


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I was reading something about this doctor called Feliciano, who had many theories about prostatitis that were not accept widely by the other doctors and urologist. However, Dr. Feliciano seemed to have helped those patients where other doctors’ treatments failed.

This doctor believes that prostatitis can be caused by two sexually transmitted diseases – Chlamydia and gonorrhea. He also believes that the bacteria and fungi can be passed back and forth between sexual partners so that both should be treated at the same time and that condoms should be used during these infections.

Dr. Feliciano mentions poor hygiene and infections during operations as well as swimming in polluted water to be possible prostatitis factors. Then they mention zinc deficiency, lack of ejaculations, and auto-immune reactions to be possible contributors to prostatitis.