ok here goes...

First symptom:

When I was about 13/14 I started becoming increasingly tired, falling asleep in class. Sleep, no matter how long or short I would still feel tired when I woke up. My sleep can be varied, sometimes I can sleep all night waking just once, maybe twice. Other nights i wake up every hour or so. Often when I wake I have a dull ache in my head which passes after 10-15 mins. This ache also returns whenI feel tired again. I fall asleep on the way to work, if im a passanger in a car, watching tv, even at work if I dont take "action" to try and let it the feeling pass but it isnt long before I feel tired again. My entire life consists of feeling like I need to sleep.


Seccond symptom:

This one is going to sound wierd. If I am in a situation where I feel good about something I have done or find something funny or other strong emotion, I loose slight control of my limbs. This can be varied from going weak at the knees if I am stood up to my arm or head dropping. It only lasts for 1/2 seccond to 2 secconds, but when it does happen I feel what I can only describe as a dull electrical throb that extends through my body. This, as far as I can remember started around the same time, or maybe a year or two after the tiredness.


Third symptom:

This symptom seems to be related to the seccond. When I lie down, usually on my back while sleeping and put my head back with my eyes closed and rroll my eyes around (usually in a looking to tolooking forward position) i get the similar feeling of the dull electrical throb that extends through my body like i mentioned earlier. The difference is that it can sometimes stay until I move my head or eyes our of the position it happened in. Id say I was about 19/20 when I first found this happened.


Please please could someone point me in the right direction of what I should do? I have tried to tell my GP but he doesnt seem to take me on. about a year after the tirednedd started, I started to pile on weight. I have had checks for diabeties and other weight related illnesses but they have come back clear. I have also had an oxygen level monitor from the hospital to check if I had sleep apnea but that came back clear too.


They have ruined my life, my relationships and nearly my work. I am now 27 and I am male (if that makes any difference)