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i have been smoking buds for about 8 years. recently, around November 07 i got really sick, sicker than i had gotten in 2 or 3 years. usually i feel better when i smoke bud but it didn't help at all. i begun getting head aches on the left side of my head toward the back of my skull. it feels like there is a lot of pressure and i can feel the vain near my temple throbbing profusely. it's memorial day today 2008 and i can still feel the remain acne of the head ache i got last night. two days ago i smoke ALOT! and no problems. the next day after one jay i got this head ache and still feel it and im sobber.
between january 08 and april 08 i had to stop smoking for a citation i got. i even got headaches when i was clean. for 3 months i didn't smoke and i got them from time to time. its been 2 months since i started again and it seems like i get them all the time.

i've been doing alot of things most people don't understand like working with chi. the headaches feel like waves and pressure it will move around my head like chi moves around my hands. could these headaches be build ups of energy or brain waves creating blocks so the my chi wont flow correctly. if you've ever felt chi or had someone show you chi can flow from my body in to yours and make where ever its entering twich and throb sometimes there's pain from chi blockages, so i've been told. i started doing chi about the same time as these headaches. could i be using my brain to much. i also play alot of video games. staring at the tv for hours stoned. i hope i don't sound ridiculous i really need to know so i can stop these headaches.


I think in having this same issue