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One day i woke up, with head pressure, a big wooshing feeling in the head like my head was being tightened. Also i had nausea aswell.. 

I've had -Chest CT (to check for blood clots), Sinus CT (showed mild congestion in maxillary sinus), Blood tests (all fine), Taken 2 courses of antibiotics (doxy-100, rulide) 

Currently having a blood test for allergies will get results in a week, My ENT thinks its allergies. 


Its been 3 months and its almost been a constant heaviness in my head which changes in intensity, (heaviness goes from to nose bone aswell) 

Another symptom i have developed is pressure in my ears, a feeling as if they are blocked. 


also sometimes my hearing feels loud, its very disturbing! its crazy how all these symptoms have come out of nowhere, 4-5months ago i was fine, with my head....


Right now it feels like the pressure is in line with my eye brows, but inside the MIDDLE of my head, kind of like behind my eyes/nose but inside, sorry for the confusing description but its hard to explain


I'm 21years old, and have ulcerative colitis, Current meds i'm taking are, prednisone, imuran and mesalamine. 

Please help if possible i'm going crazy






Hello sami, 

I'm sorry you're still trying to find the cause and solution for this pressure, but there are two things that come to my mind. Is there a chance that maybe some of your medication (or their combination) is causing the symptoms? This you can check by going through the leaflets, or asking your doctor.

The second thing is, since the pain is located generally here your sinuses are and you've been treated only for bacterial infection, it might be worth getting a simple culture test to make sure sinusitis is completely gone and that it isn't possibly caused by yeast or virus. All the symptoms you describe sound like sinusitis infection to me, maybe - only maybe - they missed the cause for the infection the first time.



thanks for the reply! The ENT doesnt think its to do with sinuses, but these doctors really suck sometimes!
My doctor doesn't think its the meds, I feel as if it is the IMURAN but he thinks not...
Never heard of a culture test, should i ask my ENT for one?

thanks again


bump! anyone else got any suggestions! would appreciate it alot



I've been having he same sensations and especially the pain behind the eyes and nose. I was sure it was my sinuses and thought it would pass along with the pressure in my head. I had migraines as a little girl, but no one believed me back then as they were not as common as they are now. Since coming into my 30's I've had more.I feel this moreso when the time of the month rolls around. I have a somewhat stressful work environment and do my best to get through the day. I thought that maybe the computer screen was to blame as my eyes were and still are feeling quite strained and tired which can cause headaches. I've tried to test my balance my closing my eyes and tilting my head back the way cops test DWI drivers, and I feel so dizzy and lose my balance. This never, ever used to happen to me! I danced and had great balance growing up. Maybe it's age or fluid in my ear canal or infected sinuses. I do have jaw pain on my right side and is probably due to grinding my teeth at night. One thing I have noticed to relieve the jaw pain is that I will hang my head off the edge of my bed toward the ceiling and I can almost feel fluid come free in my right sinus cavity and this relieves the pressure in my right ear and sinus. But it must be done slowly usually with my eyes closed and then I will glide my head back onto the mattress and lay still for awhile. It does help me when I do it from time to time for the last 6 months. I think the sedentary work environment also factors in. I've gained weight and feel so tired all the time. I do understand what you are feeling and wish us both strength and healing since there seems to be no real answers as to what this is. I don't feel like being prescribed anti-biotics and anti-depressants or even steroids, You are not alone, I just want the heavy head feeling to cease!! God be with us.