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I recently had 4 cancerous nodules found on my thyroid which was removed. Both lobes were involved and 2 of the nodules had extracapsular extensions. Am I destined to have a recurrence or can I still be okay after one surgery and one RAI treatment? It is papillary cancer and I am 42 years old.


Hi Roselady16506,

Hope everything is good with you. Did you have your whole thyroid removed or just the cancerous ones? What is extracapsular extensions? I will pray for you.

I am new to this site and am looking for help as well. I had surgery a month ago. They removed both thyroids due to having cancer on the left side but took both out to be on the safe side. They did not get all the cancer due to a nerve that had cancer on it which is wrapped around my voicebox. I go to Rochester, MN for the first time to talk to endocrinology doctor. Hopefully, will find out more.

I would like to keep in touch with you, I can be emailed at _[removed]_

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Can anyone please tell me if there are symptoms of thyroid nodules??
I have had a feeling of pressure and fullness deep in my neck, on sides of neck, into collarbones, and around my throat area for many years now.
I lose my voice (have lost my ability to sing a full scale), I feel pressure and discomfort when I talk at times, I have found a swollen gland recently, and get the feeling like I am getting sick, but then I dont get sick...however, the feeling in my neck and throat remains there, year after year!!
Can thyroid nodules make you feel like you are getting sick...or have any of the symptoms I mentioned??
I really need some insight here!
Thank u!!!!