My boyfriend an I have starting getting intimate. I'm not on any contraceptive pill as off yet as it's a new relationship and I know I have to take the first pill on the first day of my period.  So we've been what I thought careful. I've tried to make sure only he touches me and I touch him not ourselves to not cross contaminate by accident. But I can't bee 100% sure as arms an get tangled but I'm as near as 100% as I can be. Our genitals haven't touched and all we've done is touch each other. The only thing is I did oral on hi but he didn't ejaculate then he kissed me and did oral on me . At the time I didn't think much as he hadn't ejaculated it wasn't until afterwards I thought of pre-ejaculate. The problem being is that my period is late. I'm irregular anyway but this is later than even my irregular periods are. I did a pregnancy test a few days after I was due to start and again today and they both were negative but now it's over a week late and I'm really starting to worry. Even though I've had 2 negatives I just can't stop worrying. I've not pregnancy symptoms I know off. My breasts feel fine, weeing normally, no nausea, no light bleeding or spotting. The only thing is stomach cramps but I have IBS and I think it's this worry that's doing that. When I was last on the pill I had to go through a lot of different types as I kept being sick on them so I was told if I got pregnant I'd be awfully sick.

So really what I'm asking am I worrying too much? And any help or guidance really.