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I'm 25, have normally a 28 day cycle, always regular, my last period before having Sex was around Jan. 20. Had unprotected Sex on Feb. 7, 14, and 21 which was the second day of my period. Also he ejaculated outside all the time. I'm a little worried because it is March. 22, and I haven't had my period yet which should have started on the 20 of march. Could I be pregnant?


You said "my last period before having Sex was around Jan. 20" yet your period started on Feb 20. But Jan 20 to Feb 20 is 31 days. If you add 31 days to Feb 20 you arrive at Mar 23 (tomorrow). So it could yet arrive. You state that you have a 28-day cycle, but you also say that they always around 20th. Both statements cannot be true. With a period starting on Jan 20 and a cycle of 28 days, the next time a period would start within 2 days of 20th would be Dec 22. However, if you had a period on 20 Feb, then there is just a chance that you were still fertile when you had sex on Feb 7, but if that period were normal, then the likelihood is that you weren't pregnant. Have you had sex at all since?