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my daughter has constant intense headache, sore jaw worse when she have surer food sore ear, difficulty with her eye dripping and with her parenfarial vision. Had thrombosis in her lungs she on coumadin treatment please need somebody's help Doctors are having a hard time pin pointing the cause and the cure


I looked into the signs of overdosing on coumadin and there could be a possibility with this being responsible for your daughter's intense headaches.  I would think that the doctors would be monitoring how much is in her system but I will let you know the symptoms of a hemorrhagic stroke or bleeding in the brain:  vision or speech changes, weakness or numbness of one or more extremities, and severe headache.  I just want to make sure they have checked into this issue before looking into other problems. Has she been bleeding anywhere or bruising easily?  Perhaps they should check her PT level to make sure it is within the correct parameters.