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Hi, i am at an utter loss at this stage as to what is wrong with me. Have had the same symptoms now for close on 8 months. I have a contant sore throat, headache and the back of my tongue has a white coat on it. Also have bouts of dizziness and blurred vision.

I have been to GPs and have been prescribed anti-biotics such as Augmentum. Had a throat swab which showed a Streptococcus present and was prescribed Clindahexal, which didnt get rid of the condition either.
Have had medications for Oral thrush as well, still have the white tongue and sore throat.

Out of pure desperation even had an HIV test which of course came back negative. Lately out of the blue a new symptom has developed constipation........

From above can you possibly advise what might be the cause or what course of action i should take next?



Perhaps you have an extended form of mono caused by a chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection. Doctors test this at varying levels of thoroughness. Do some research and find a doctor that is fluent in the language of mono and viral infections - you might even want to see an infectious disease specialist.

Perhaps you have a parasite. It's scary, but not unrealistic. You would need to coordinate a test with a doctor.

Even more interestingly... I think some people might also suggest a c0l0n cleansing for the symptoms you describe.


Hi Shawn, I hope you have had some relief from your symptoms by now. I too have had extremely dry, coated tongue, blurry vision, fatigue and bouts of dizziness for several months and now headache on one side. Mouth and back of throat more coated now and difficult to swallow/speak. Seeing the doctor again tomorrow. It was thought at first that I had Sjogren's but tests have proved negative.