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My thirteen year old daughter has recently been complaining of bad headaches, and constant dizziness, fatigue, and lightheadedness. She also has very cold hands and feet that she says have recently been very numb. Lately, her coordination has been a little off, as she runs into door frames or chairs sometimes (she has glasses so it isn't a vision problem) and she also seems to drop things, such as a pencil, if she holds it for too long. In addition, she almost passed out the other day, and has experienced that phenomenon a few other times. Her symptoms have been going on for about a month now. Many of them seem like brain cancer symptoms, although she doesn't get seizures, but she does have moments where she has been unresponsive or had horrible shuddering motions. Is it possible that she could have some sort of brain cancer or tumor?


Hi Guest,

Has she seen her pediatrician?

It could be many things including diabetes.  She's also likely starting puberty and she could be anemic.

She needs to go, today.

Good luck.