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i had a surgical abortion 3 days ago, upon arriving to the clinic everything seemed standard until i was called back to begin the procedures. to begin the uncomfort, the nurse called the patients back in groups of four and five instead of individually. once back in the room we filled out paperwork had our blood tested and gave urine samples all in the same exam room with an attached bathroom. the nurse also discussed our medical history, how many kids we have, if we have any stds, what we are allergic to etc in the same room in front of the other 5 girls while we all sat in nothing but hospital gowns waiting the next step. while going over my med history the nurses were in such a hurry they were filling out my answers on the paper before i could get the words out of my mouth.  

after that we were escorted to a separate waiting room where the door remained wide open, where we all sat still in our hospital gowns, waiting to be called back for our ultrasounds. i felt as though we were being treated as a group instead of individual patients. i felt like a head of cattle.

during the vaginal ultrasound the nurse was so roughthat even though she kept apoligizing i felt like i was being violated.

when i made the appointment on the phone i was told i would be awake but sedated, and extra "sedation" (twilight anesthesia) was available if i paid $35 extra. before i had the surgery i was given ibuprofen. i expected them to give me something else to accompany it since i have never thought of ibuprofen being considered "sedation" but no more medication was ever given. they did tell me the name of a medication i would be given on the phone and even though i dont remember the name of it i know it was not told ibuprofen. after being in the clinic for a totla of 3 hours from the time my appointment was schedueled for. it was time for my surgery. (not even 3 minutes after the last girl came out) the nurse prepped me with the same hurriedness that everyone hed treated me with since i walked in the door, i did opt for twilight sedation, but did not get a good enough dose to help anything. The dr that performed my abortion didnt even speak to me or ask me how or even who i was, just went straight to work.


i didnt expect it to feel good, but something tells me it shouldnt have been that bad. halfway through i was yelling and crying and cussing, but was just told not to move my feet.

when it was done the dr still didnt speak to me. the nurse escorted me to a room to recover with the same girls as earlier, and i cried and cried. not because of the pregnancy (my mind was already set on termination days before i made the appointmant) but because i was officially traumatized. noone came to talk to me or comfort me. not even the nurse that sat 5 feet from me. but she did mention to another nurse passing by that "this day was never gonna be over". i felt the same way...

it is 3 days later and now i am having sharp abdominal pain and i cannot stop throwing up.

please tell me if you have had a similar experience or if any of this sounds standard and i am just being sensitive. especially the part about the way i was medicated. i dont see ibuprofen being appropriate pain management when most other clinics put their patients to sleep


If you had an abortion only on ibuprofen.... my god, that doesn't even help to cure my headache :S I feel like I'm I'm in pain when I read this! :( No, you have to at least call up your physician or a family doctor - vomiting and abdominal pains might be linked to the "normal abortion procedure", but reading this... I just don't know. DId you get the antibiotics to take after the procedure?


i was given doxycycline as an antibiotic to prevent infection after the procedure and have been taking them religiously, i did forget to mention the dri did give me a shot of something in the vagina/ cervix at the beginning of the procedure, but did not wait for it to start working. and since the whole thing was over in less than 5 minutes i still felt EVERYTHING. i did begin to  feel a numbing sensation 'down there' while i was in the recovery room, and thats when i decided the shot had started to work. the pain isnt as bad today and i have stopped vomiting, but now i am bleeding and passing clots that are dark and brown colored. i did call my regular ob and she tells me that as long as i am taking the antibiotics and not running a fever i chould be ok, but i have a feeling that the memory of this whole experience will be sticking with me alot longer than the physical pain. i havnt even been able to return to work yet and i am consiidering seeing a counselor after this. i had heard abortion horror stories, but never thought i would live through one of them. i wish i had a way to tell people about this clinig, or investigate their credentials and find other people that went through similar experiences dealing with them, but i just dont know where to start


Hey girl that sounds awful I'm so sorry I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you went to FPA? I would've at least hug to you I can't stand watching a girl cry going through that and I've had a couple myself and I had to do it all by myself no support so I know the feeling.

If it was FPA or Planned Parenthood the equipment they have for ultrasounds is so old and low fidelity that they really have to jam up in there to see how far along you are. Sometimes finding a good spot to messure all that is tricky with a blurry monitor and maybe 1 megapixel camera on the probe. All they look for is the condition of the amniotic sac number of embryos, and estimate the gestation.

And they have to do that to determine which procedures you're eligible for a like the abortion pill oh you can't take that past eight weeks- it won't work. The whole process is not very pleasant I'm not sure if you've ever had that type of ultrasound before but it's very very uncomfortable even if they are gentle.

I would've flipped my sh*t over the ibuprofen girl are you kidding me? Also as far as the doctors awful bedside manner I'm going to assume that that comes in time with being desensitized because you have to be to do a job like that. It's sad to say but abortion clinics are ran like the DMV. Nobody wants to be there.

And the f*****g twats in congress de-funding the clinics probably perpetuated the deceptive sales of the fetal tissue. The places are pretty much funded by donors and for profit The pay for the staff might even be a little bit more than average pay for a nurse practitioner doctor or RN but it's because it's such a screwed up job that they pay them a little more, than if they worked at a state hospital for example.

Because they have to do so many procedures a day they do it fast, but fast and sometimes sloppy so definitely go to your follow up appointment or go to the ER if it gets worse you know don't take any chances. Infections can be common but are very very dangerous right after that so take your anabiotic's which I hope they f*****g gave you?

But no lie you're going to feel like sh*t for a while maybe even up to a month it's very painful. I think the rushing part makes it feel a lot more screwed up because you just feel so violated and emotional with zero empathy or support. And the first time I ever went I was terrorized by pro lifers name calling me and shaming me as I came and left. I would never judge a woman who had the make that choice.

My reason, I was trapped in an abusive relationship with a fuckboy who wouldn't wrap his penis up. I was on the pill btw, but pharmaceutical company screwed up big time and put the pills in the wrong order of the pack and I was taking sugar pills when I was ovulating so no sh*t I kept getting pregnant.

I suffered a botched abortion which led to hemorrhaging and I had to get 2 D&Cs and FPA & Planned Parenthood are notorious for botching abortions because they were rushing them or an inexperienced Doctor Who couldn't get a job and a nice hospital got a job working at the clinic.

I have had both the medical and surgical procedures and I was never ever given anything more then like you said Tylenol or ibuprofen and I have really really bad endometriosis so I was really mad about that on my recovery was horrible every time.

somebody should've offered you some type of consoling or support like because they're supposed to give you counseling before and make sure You are educated on your options. And if you are distraught afterwards they are supposed to give you at least some referrals for grief counseling.