My fiance was diagnosed with chlanmydia a few yrs ago and the infection has not been cure, but is recurrent. He has been on Ofloxacin, Bactrum, and Cipro perviously and for the past 2 months. He has developed chronic leg and back pain, prostatitis, Peyronies Disease, and chronic hives which are associated with the illness. He has been to his reg dr, STD dr., and an urologist..none which have been able to cure or help him. He has not been diagnosed with any other illnesses other than these problems. Can you give some advice as to what step we should take next and what could be going on that the infection is recurrent. He isnt having sex due to the Peyronies, so why isnt the chlamydia being cured. He has no prostate issues other than the prostatitis so we are at a loss as what to do next...Thanks.