I got my implant fitted 26days ago. I was using the pill before hand but changed as i am going to be working away for 8 month on the channel islands and they wouldn't give me 8months of the pill to take with me so i decied to get the implant, as i thought it would be easier. I came on my period 2weeks and 4days after it was fitted and have been on my period for 9days with a steady flow and no sign of it stopping. Im getting really consered as i am leaving in 5days and i have been reading about people being on their period for weeks even months at a time whille on the implant. i wasnt told any of this when i had an appointment before i got it fitted. I am going to call the doctors tomorrow ann see what they say. If i decide to keep it in and my period last months i will be stuck with it as i will cost me alot to get it taken out on the channel islands. I don't know what i should do.

All advise will be great appreciated, thank you.