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Hi, I am from American Samoa....and I have the same problems.....I have dark armpits and inner thighs...but not under my breasts.....I've had this problem since i was in Hawaii but 5 yrs old....I am not over weighted..I am just medium sized I'm just not fat....I also started to think that I have black inner thighs b-cuss when i walk my thighs are rubbing...b-cuss errityme after school, i walk home in the hot sun but sometimes in the rain..and i have 3 friends...they all have white or brown inner thighs while I'm still hiding...we like to invite each other at each others houses but i never do b-cuss i don't want them to know i have black inner thighs...they all think i have nothing to hide...we all made promises we'd all be open about everything..if we have problems...we show each other our body parts but i never do..they ask me to but i never do..I'm so shy to tell them..AND I DON'T WANT MY BOYFRIEND TO THINK I HAVE BLACK INNER THIGHS...HE MIGHT BREAK UP WITH ME THEN TELL EVERY GIRL HE KNOWS...I'M ABOUT TO TURN SIXTEEN NEXT YEAR ...I'M SHY TO TELL THAT I HAVE BLACK INNER THIGHS..IT'S EMBARRASSING...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HIM!!!!!!THERE'S A LOT OF FISH OUT THERE ASKING ME OUT BUT I REJECT THEM BECAUSE I HAVE BLACK INNER THIGHS....PLZ HELP!!!! :( :x :P


You should go see a dermatologist (a skin doctor).

They might have a cream to lighten that skin that bothers you.

But I wouldn't worry about it. We're all different. :-)