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Hi I'm 17 and when I get an erection my foreskin doesn't really go back, it doesn't hurt to pull it back at all like most people complain of. Just when I get an erection it hardly goes back and only a little bit of the tip is out? I have a perfectly normal sized penis so it has nothing to do with size but I'm just wondering if this is normal or whether I should do something about it? As what I've seen from pictures and videos is that the foreskin is meant to go all the way back, whereas mine hardly goes back at all..


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Hey there its difficult to say with no picture but it sounds like your foreskin is a little on the longer side which it ok and normal. Never compare yourself to what you see on the internet or porn that are horrible examples and are inaccurate for the most part


Hi Bludge:

You are normal.

The foreskin is an asset and highly beneficial. A long foreskin is more of an asset and more beneficial than a short foreskin.

Long full-length foreskins will not auto-retract on erection. Only inadequate short foreskins will auto-retract. For your skin to go back, the foreskin has to be wide enough to retract over the head.

If your foreskin is wide enough, it will retract if it is shorter than the erect penis. If it is longer, then it will never retract by itself but may be pushed back, however, it may not stay back. Some longer foreskins push forward again when you let go.

When a long foreskin is manually retracted, it gathers in folds at the base of the penis. The folds want to unfold and push the foreskin forward back to its normal position. A long foreskin is likely to slide/roll forward to recover and protect the glans penis when it is released. Some men simply cannot keep the foreskin retracted. This is not considered to be a problem.

The long foreskin provides superior protection to the head of the penis and keeps it soft, smooth, and sensitive. Moreover, the ancient Greeks considered a long, tapering foreskin to be a sign of male beauty. The long tip is called the akroposthion.

The long foreskin may improve the sexual experience because of its superior gliding action. The long foreskin also may have more pleasure nerves.