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Hi, im 17 and ever since i was young ive noticed that my foreskin has covered my penis completely when non-erect, and all buta couple of milimetres when erect (what pokes out, what im guessing is the 'glance' or something? is very sore looking, and just very sensitive if touched. i never thought oh right i must have a problem since i havent ever been one of the cool people and havent been sexually active. ive never seen another mans penis in real life, (well i have, but its been a case of looking away as quickly as possible, like my dad taking his towel off too soon and not realising i was there ha, not something i want to think about), and so i havent ever really felt that i had a problem, just thought it would sort itself out when i have sex. this only really came up because i currently have a girlfriend and since we are getting quite close i get the feeling that things such as oral sex might come into the equation at some point. my girlfriends inexperienced and i feel that its unfair to expect her to deal with something that in later life she may not have to deal with and to tell her that its normal.... oh well i guess its failry normal but you see my point.

having read a few other posts, i should say that i have never had a problem with urinating, or ejaculating from masturation, and the details of my problem are that when i pull back the foreskin non erect, i can get it back over what i guess is about half of my penis. i will update on when it is erect at some point soon. when i pull it back there is a kind of pinky almost browny piece of skin which regulates how far i can pull it back, this just hurts a little if i pull it too far - will that get better with some practice?

i know that people can just have a long foreskin, but its especially the idea of oral sex which isnt good given how sensitive that part of my penis is. i have begun regularly pulling the foreskin back slightly in order to kind of excercise it as sugested in some other topics.

thankyou for any help, its a real godsend


Hello, I would relate to that "a kind of pinky almost browny piece of skin which regulates how far i can pull it back". This tissue is called frenulum and yes, it is regulating how far back you may pull. It connects foreskin to the penis glans (head). If frenulum is too short ( a condition known as frenulum breve), it may preventing our foreskin from going down and even hurt during sex. It may not hurt during masturbation since you could manipulate with it but upon forceful retraction (like in sex), it could actually hurt.

The penis head could be sensitive if it hasn't been out much (out of the foreskin).

I know that going to the doc sounds like a bad idea but it is the only way to figure out if everything was ok. If not, you may wait and see what happens when the sex thing starts happening.


Hi beatles:

Foreskins come in all lengths. It sounds like you are coverage index 9. I have to tell you that every male is born with a foreskin so it is completely normal to be foreskinned.

The head of the penis, which is what you see is called the "glans penis". The tip of the head is called the meatus. You see the meatus sticking out of your foreskin.

With regard to oral sex, you can have oral sex without retracting your foreskin. Ask your girl friend to not retract your foreskin and to suck on the foreskin. There are huge number of pleasure nerves in the foreskin so you should find it very enjoyable and stimulating.

The foreskin is an asset and highly beneficial. A long foreskin is more of an asset and more beneficial than a short foreskin.

Long full-length foreskins will not auto-retract. Only inadequate short foreskins will auto-retract. For your skin to go back, the foreskin has to be wide enough to retract over the head.

If your foreskin is wide enough, it will retract if it is shorter than the erect penis. If it is longer, then it will never retract by itself but may be pushed back, however, it may not stay back. Some longer foreskins push forward again when you let go.

When a long foreskin is manually retracted, it gathers in folds at the base of the penis. The folds want to unfold and push the foreskin forward back to its normal position. A long foreskin is likely to slide/roll forward to recover and protect the glans penis when it is released. Some men simply cannot keep the foreskin retracted. This is not considered to be a problem.

The long foreskin provides superior protection to the head of the penis and keeps it soft, smooth, and sensitive. Moreover, the ancient Greeks considered a long, tapering foreskin to be a sign of male beauty. The long tip is called the akroposthion.

The long foreskin may improve the sexual experience because of its superior gliding action. The long foreskin also may have more pleasure nerves.