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I'm pavan and aged 21 since my child hood my fore skin has not come back when erect, the skin opening in the front is very narrow and I'm afraid that it would struck in the middle and bleed when i pull back with force. recently my cousin has undergone operation because his fore skin was not moving freely and it struck at middle when tried to pull back. He said that operation was painful. Is there any alternative for making the foreskin move freely?

i'm waiting for your reply!!!!


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hey pandu.

how small is the hole. this is a very common problem for uncircimsized guys. as you start puberty your penis sometimes grows quicker than your foreskin so it cannot streatch enough to fit over your glans (head) it is very important to beable to retract your foreskin now because you produce smegma wich is a nasty blend of dead skin cells oil and bacteria which is unsightly smelly and can cause infections. there is also some research out that suggests that poor penile hygiene can increase the risks of penile cancer

what methodes have you tried to streatch it. we have a very good way no here that works for MOST people unless their opening is very small and tight. look up pictures of phimosis and youll see what i mean by that. does yours resemble any of thoes pictures.

if so there are other techniques you can use such as steriodal creams and dorsal slits but circumscision should only be considered as a last resort thing.

thanks i hope this helps some.......