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Okay, so I'm 16 years old and I'm still unable to pull my foreskin back. It's not really a problem, and nothing hurts or anything, but just out of personal preference I'd prefer to have it pulled back. I've kinda started to try all the stretching exercises and stuff, but I'm not sure how effective it is.

So, I was just wondering what would be the fastest/best way to pull it back? I was trying to build up the courage to go to the doctors and see what they said, but I decided I should try asking online first. And don't get me wrong, there's no way I'm considering circumcision or anything, but apparently the doctors can make a small slit in the skin which allows it to be pulled back? I'm not too sure. If someone could confirm that, it'd be appreciated :3

I just want to try and find a fast way to pull it back, so any suggestions would be very welcome :)


Hi Guest,

You could try getting an erection and pulling down on the shaft skin so that the glans (head) spreads the opening of your foreskin.  You can also use your fingers to spread the opening.

The more often you do this the faster you'll see results.  It won't be immediate, nothing is.  Some guys find it easier to do in the shower, the warm water can make it easier for you.  Don't hurt yourself.  There can be a bit of discomfort and that's to be expected.  You'll also find your glans to be very sensitive - that's NORMAL too.  It will get less sensitive as it is exposed more.

Remember, never force the foreskin back. Take your time and only go as far as you are comfortable. 

Stretching does work for almost every guy.  Don't be afraid of doing it. 

Good luck.




I am male and 33.I have been masterbating since 1 month and done everything to stretch my foreskin but it is not foreskin is stretched but only I can see the glans of my penis and it is not able to pull back completely.I heard that paraphimosis its not possible to pullback foreskin.Am I have to go for operation please help me in this problem