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Hello, i am 14 years old and have recently realised that when my penis is erect, my foreskin will not go back over my glands Now when my penis is not hard it goes back easy but it bunches up abit at the end which leads me to believe i have a little too much foreskin. Another point i should probably make is that i am in the very early stages of puberty and have only just got pubic hairs so would it be possible that with later development this problem will sort itself out? please help me because i am worried that in a year or two i will start having sex and it could be very embarrassing to have this problem then and have to turn the girl down. Any help will be appreciated


Hi Anonimous,

You are NORMAL.  It is perfectly NORMAL for your foreskin to NOT retract before about 16 or so.

You can help it though.

Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening.  You could also use your fingers to spread the opening in your foreskin.

You WILL find your glans very sensitive.  That is NORMAL too.  It has been covered and protected so is not used to being touched.

The more often you stretch your foreskin the sooner it will retract.  Skin grows under tension. 

Again, this is perfectly NORMAL.  Good for you for asking about it.

Hope it helps.