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I have excess foreskin when my penis in erect position . I feel my penis not able to retract it back to the shaft .My penis does not look like the one which I seen in porn sites.Do this going to effect anymore during sex . Am scared about it . Please provide me your suggestion


Hi Guest,

How old are you?  Can you retract your foreskin easily when erect?

Don't EVER compare yourself to what you see in porn.  Are you sure the guys you see haven't been circumcised?  Most of them are not "typical" of the average male.

If you can't retract your foreskin then start stretching it.  It doesn't always "just happen."  Use your fingers to spread the opening OR get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening.  It will take some time.  Do it as often as you can.  There may be some discomfort but you don't have to hurt yourself.  Ideally your foreskin will slide easily up and down over the glans.

Foreskins come in all sizes and shapes.  You are VERY fortunate.  With a lot of foreskin you have a VERY large number of nerves to give you pleasure during sex.

Hope it helps.