hi everybody we both are new to this situation ...situation that really scares us.....my girilfriend always had irregular periods..sometimes its comes on 35 days or sometimes comes on 40 days...but now she didnt had her periods for 2 months now..her last period was on 21-july -2012 it lasted for about 3 days ....before she getting her periods we jus try for an anal sex...but i didnt actually penetrated her...after two days she gother periods....after that we had a dry sex on 26th & 27th....but never i ejaculted on her ..whenever i masturbtes i always used to wash my hands....and she had a history of missed before in same year thats in feb & mar .she didnt take any traetment for this...we both are now worried about precum...i fingered her sometimes deeply..am always wear my boxers...and she is off clothes everytime..jus we are doing huging and jus fingering,..rubbing between her boobs..i saw some precum on her chest and i wiped that one...but am not sure that i /her put fingers in ....while do fingering..we both are deadly worried and scared....and also after one month she had some white discharge and some spotting( sep14).....wa want to know ne chance for getting pregnant...kindly help us