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Hello, me and my girlfriend have been going out for 7 months now, me and her have had sex a couple of times now, the last couple of days she has had morning sickness and felt very ill, plus her boobs have got larger and very firm, she thinks that she might be pregnant, we have both decided for her to take a preg test. i am only 16 and i am not ready to be a dad yet, the other thing im worried about is if it turns out positive, we will need to tell her parents and mine, im just worried what our parents will say :/, we have talked about abortion already if it turns out positive, but we have decided that abortion is not the way, nor adoption, and its something we will have to live with.

can someone please help me and give me some advice?

many thanks


i have forgotten to say that everytime me and my girlfriend had sex, we used a condom everytime, i did check the condoms after, and didnt see any split, but i may not of seen the split

once again, many thanks if anyone can help!!