Basically i am 17 and my girlfriend is also young,we have been together 6 months and she fell pregnant after we had unprotected sex.We decided that we were going to keep the baby, but then when we told our parents they threatened to basically disown us. Because of this i told her i dont want a baby anymore even though i secretly still do i just dont want to lose my family. This broke her heart as she really wanted to keep it.She then agreed to have an abortion but the week leading up to it she blamed me for not supporting her, but i dont know how i havent, i took her for days out to take her mind off the abortion, i went to the hospital with her and i tried to comfort her but she reacted by being nasty to me when i was trying to comfort her.
We are starting to fall apart we have had a few arguements, i thought our relationship was strong but obviously not as she now tells me she doesnt want to be with me anymore :-( .What do i do as i dont want to lose her, i love her so much? someone please help me