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ok...were to begin.

my girlfriend and i have been dating for almost 7 months now. But the thing is her step father decided (after our 6 months) that she cant date untill after college.(fyi im 18 and she turns 18 in a couple of months) Her ste father thingks he knows everything and everyone in the world. He is an absolute as****e. He does not let her or her brother do anything..they cant go out with friends alone and they cant even go outside!! its stupid. Haha its funny, he even tried to convince her that i can give her cervical cancer (or whatever its called) by kissing her. He know that whatever he does wont stop us from dating. We find ways, and its been great.
Her mother likes me, but follows everything the step father says. She lets us go out every now and then, and when i say go out...i mean her mom dropps her off at the movie theatre and picks her up. But hey, better than nothing right?
But mom harldy lets her do anything..and never gives a reason.
they treat her and her brother like slaves...its stupid...all they do is stay inside...and do nothing...

if you can help me find a breakthrough, that would be awesome...if you need more details, ill be glad to give more.



Move out. You're old enough. Just kidding, seems like the simple solution... If the step father is such an as****e let him be. Tell him of your intentions and that you'd just like to go out and date his step daughter. Tell him if he's not willing to do that, then there is nothing he or the mother can do to stop it. Your girlfriend is 18 and if she were to leave the house, they can't call the cops because they won't care and technically, she's of age to do what she wants. Besides, the worst they could do is throw her out of the house. My parents were the same way. My boyfriend went away to college and they weren't going to let me visit him on the weekends. I pay for my car and my insurance. Right now they are supplying money for school and shelter and food. Basically, I just upped and left one weekend.