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My granddaughter is 13 years old and is always sick.  She suffers from headaches, nausea, pain in her stomach area, dizziness, weepiness, fatigue and has mild asthma and severe allergies to pollen, dust, oak and other common allergens.  This whole thing has taken over her life and she misses a lot of school.  She's of average height and weight.  She's been to her primary care doctor, her allergist and an ENT and is scheduled to see a gastroentrologist soon but so far nothing has been found.  Does this sound familiar to anyone and if so, did you find a solution?   


I have 2 theories - 1. - she had VERY bad allergies to the most common of things (which is making her be this way) 2. Her period is about to happen - especially with the weepiness (BUT some allergies can actually bring on signs of depression) so what have they done about her allergies?  I don't understand her seeing a gastroentrologist! One of the biggest collectors of allergens is a carpet, curtains, towels, sheets etc. Does she have lino or wood floors in her bedroom? IF not that would be the 1st thing to do - to get that dirt holding stuff out! Also have ALL the nooks and crannies of her bedroom checked for black mold - VERY harsh allergy, but a lot of the times not noticed behind a book shelf etc.! Does she have old books in her room - they need to be gone too! Her mattress should be vacuumed on both sides about 1once a week! And if a heppa filter can be put in her room then this would be great! To just TOTALLY concentrate on cleaning up her main room, would be a great start to seeing if any of this ellieviates her symptoms! When you find out your child has allergies, and then look at ALL the things that can have that allergen it is overwhelming! BUT in MANY cases we all have 1 MAIN allergy! And in your granddaughters case IF that is dust - and you remove as much as you can out of her room, then you should see quite the improvement! Also NO SMOKING AT ALL around her! This is one of the most noxious smells to a child and can make them VERY ill! Has the allergist given her anything to handle her allergies? Another thought - have her clothes washed in non soap non scented products (NO bleach) and also use a non soap cleanser - for her skin! And Swiffers are THE BEST thing for picking up dust and not letting it fly around! A good cleaning and then a couple of hours of heppi filters should do the trick! Check the smells of things in her room - a mold smell is hard to miss! I hope this helps and your little GD will feel better soon!