Well its almost that time of year again, baseballs spring training has started, snow is melting, birds will soon be singing and those with allergies will begin to suffer from seasonal allergies related to spring. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a very went spring which is generally bad for allergy suffers. You should make sure your prepared and ready for the seasonal allergies well in advance.

1. Check the measurements for mold and pollen so you know what to expect. Try and keep your windows closed on days when the numbers are high or on extremely windy days. You should also keep your car windows closed when driving. Pollen levels peak around noon and mold spores generally peak around sunset so try and avoid outdoor activities during those times. You can find the outdoor allergen levels for seasonal allergies in most newspapers and on the weather channel.

2. Change your clothes when you come in from outside, at the very least your shirt or sweater. No matter how careful you are outdoor air contains billions of allergen particles that can’t be avoided. Take a shower if you have the time.

3. Use the dryer to dry your clothes. Unfortunately using a clothesline to dry your clothes is out of the question.

4. Eat Healthy! This is the worst time of the year for you so try and really make sure you are eating right and getting all your daily vitamins and nutritional requirements.

5. Spring cleaning can help. Remember that indoor allergens often can complicate matters for those that are suffering from seasonal allergies. Even though dust mites may not bother you most of the time, they could cause a problem when your immune system is exhausted.

6. Keep your pets well groomed and try to limit their time outdoors. Remember pets are a great way for allergens to be carried into the house.

7. Make sure your stocked up on whatever natural herbal remedies or over the counter medication you use and start taking it at the earliest sign of symptoms. If all else fails you want to have plenty of kleenax on hand.

Taking precautions against seasonal allergies may not cure your allergies but it will reduce your outbreaks and the severity of your symptoms. If your not sure what is causing your allergies see a doctor to get diagnosed. Its very difficult to fight a unknown enemy.