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My boyfriends 30 year old son is constantly calling and 90%of the time boyfriend drops everything to talk with him. My problem besides the constant calls - one day this week totaled 12 in one day! The calls are more constant when his rent is due. Rent on a house dad bought as a 'great investment '. Thats where the problems lie. The son is always coming up with'great investment opportunities' for which requires dads money but son benefits. The house idea was sold as son would pay the entire house not but pays less than half. Dad always get suckered into these get rich schemes and is enabling the son but cant see the forest from the trees. Son is manipulative and tracks all of dads money. Retirement money. I still work and dad is carrying his weight here but as son keeps tapping into dads resources or tying up his money to the point it wont be available until its inheritance its driving me nuts. The son, a college graduate still has no means of supporting himself without dad, his live in girlfriend and a customer service job at a credit union. He claims he is going to go back to school and im sure that too be another dad sponsored event. I'm to the point where i cant stomach the thought of the son but i keep quiet. Do i let this continue to eat at me or ask when does he stop enabling this scammer and make him grow up and take care of himself.


Hi Anna,

Have you said anything to him?  What was his reaction?Odds are you aren't going to be able to say/do anything that will help your boyfriend see what is going on here. As much as you dislike this it is part of who your boyfriend is.  Trying to change him may not work and you ultimately may just want to plan on packing up and leaving.Good luck.