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am a  moroccan woman ,and my husband is an english man am 28 years old and he is 40 years old,i have my little son 3 years old and am 9 months pregnant .

we been married 7 years ago,for all this 7 years i never feel happy or he never treat me good ,i had my son in morocco then when i finnished my studies in the university i joined him here in the uk 3 years ago .he is calling me stupid all the time even i got a high degree and him he don t have no levels,he said to me all the bad words which you can imagine ,i been thinking to leave him long time ago but i couldn t because of my son am trying my best to keep him happy with his mum and dad.

then i did found my self pregnant and i did choqued if i can t afford security to the first baby how can i do it for the second one ,and my husband even he knew that am pregnant he just keeping yelling at me and hit me as well one time he did push me and o screw was in the floor and it has going in my body.and he keep pushing my son all the time and shout  at him and my son he is too sensible .

and he slap me in the face too many times and push me too many times in my pregnancy,even one time i asked him when going to work today so i can give him his luch before he go and he start say bad words to me and when i told him why swearing for he hit me with cup it was in his hand with hot coffee and the cup hurt me in my belly till when i did cry i was about 8 months pregnancy and the last one is only 2 days ago and i still have only 2 weeks time to have the baby he slap me in the face till when i fall in the floor and get daisy and i did stay in the floor for about 30 min infront of my little son ,and my son telling why you hitting my mumy even he keep saying i don t like my dad bcoz he is hiting my mumy ,i will hit him as well.

when i did come to the uk i didn t find any job with my degree as it was in science with french ,and the advicer told me that i have to study more like science vocabulary with english but my husband refused,and i had to find a job so i did work as a cleaner to support my son as my husband don t support us even if we stay without food ,and he been taking me to work and bring me back so i will not have any contact with no people even i don t know no one or have any friends.and i been paying for everything,he did put all the bills and the rent under my name so i been paying for rent,bills,food everything ,kids clothes even his clothes.and now am in maternity leave so my money go down alot and i stay pay for what i should do ?am here settled in the uk i have that indefinite leave to remain i don t have nationality i want have my divorce but am worried that he will take the kids from me or make me go back to morocco without the kids,plz need advice as i dont have family here or friends even my family don t know nothing about what going on with me .i dont want them to make it bigger.thanks for advice



You could try the UK Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247.

Whereabouts in the UK are you? There are a number of women's refuges around the country.

Hope this helps as a start.



Meskina. You are suffering too much. You can phone the domestic violence helpline and they can give you refuge and safety from this "hamarr". You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. You need to get your son away from him because he is at risk of being hurt, but also of being traumatised and emotionally damaged which will affect him as a man. It could influence the way he treats women when he is an adult.
You need to get away to a safe place, so phone the domestic violence helpline. If you can't find the number, go to the police. They have specialist officers who are trained to deal with violent husbands.
I beg you - get help now.