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Okay I'm at the point in my relationship where I love this man . I sometimes feel like I can't survive without him. I broke up with him 6 months ago because he was being very violent and abusive towards me I was living at his mothers and copped it from her too. He is a marijuana smoker and so is his mum she has been smoking for a very log time as he has since he was 14 and is now 23. I am 19 and been with him since 16. Well we have moved out of his mum because of the drama but he is trying to take all my money off me. He earns a good wage and won't leave me with anything even though I'm happy to pay rent but think that taking all my money of me is unreasonable. We wouldn't have such a abusive relationship if he wasn't so controlling and aggro . First of all I can't go out with friends I can't see my family often. It's like he wants me all to himself but when I stay here and cook and clean and ask him can I keep a bit of my money he says no leave f**k off . I only asked for fifty even though I get 400 and he expects all of it . I have given him so much money to try and make it work and I always clean and cook and put my bit in. He constantly trying to bring me down because I don't have a job and this makes me feel worthless. I can't go back to my parents because the house if full so I feel like I have no security here but nothing if I leave because I have nowhere to go. He makes me feel so bad that I cry and scream into the pillow and he doesn't even care that he is hurting me. If I refuse to leave he puts his hands on me and tries to literally throw me out . I have bruises on my body time to time from his violent behaviour . He always wants sexual favours which I used to be happy to give when he was putting in his part to make me happy but ever since I don't enjoy doing them at all. Ask him for a Ciggarette throws it Onto the ground in front of me. I want our relationship to work and to be able to communicate with him about money and that I need to be treated better without him turning the blame onto me. If he won't understand then what do I do we're do I go will i ever find someone like him but better? :( god help me I have nothing I've lost all my confidence and strength and I just don't know where to go from here . I have gone to extreme lengths to please him but I hardly ever see any effort on his behalf besides paying for marijuna and food while I pay for both of our rent with my 400 dollars a fortnight ? Will I be able to survive on my own?


wow dump this piece of sh*t...guys are like city buses if u lose this one there will be another waiting in no time (I should know, I am a guy). anybody that would treat you like that doesnt deserve to have you around. Is he black by any chance? Sounds like he may be an aspiring rapper with an attitude like that, basically hes treating you like hes the pimp and you are the prostitute