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Hi im 14 and my penis doesnt come out of the foreskin, but it doesnt hurt when i get erect or masturbate, Should i be worried? or is this normal?


Hi guest,

It's normal up to about 16.  You should stretch it though to make it more comfortable for you in the future.

Read this thread.

Again, everything is normal.

Good luck.


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Do you mean it doesn't come out by itself or you can't get it out?

Can you pull it back to bare the glans when it's soft?

There is nothing wrong with it but you might want to work on getting it to go back easily. A foreskin that rolls back comfortably for sex is a real joy. An easy way to do that is to pull it back as much as you can stand while it's erect and hold it there for a few minutes to stretch it. You will be able to get it back a little more each time and pretty soon you should have it going back all the way over the glans. Another way is to insert two fingers in the opening, spread it as much as possible and hold it there for a few minutes. Doing this in the shower or bath in warm water helps to soften the skin and make it easier.