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I am male, 13 yrs old and I am kinda woried because I can't roll back my foreskin, I have tried but it hurts and I feel uncomfortable whenever I get an erection ( mostly early morning stiffness, come on who doesn't) because I feel that my foreskin is going to be forced back, if possible I would like to leave my parents out of the equation, but I understand that it may come to that, I understand that I don't need to roll my foreskin back but would like to be able to just for peace of mind. Is there anything I can do without involving my parents or a doctor? Please help!!!



This is very normal up to about 16 or so.  You're well ahead of most by trying to roll it back now.  Many guys don't know that it is supposed to go back.
Stretch it however you want.  Some guys use their fingers and gently pry it open OR you can just pull down while you have an erection and hold it.  You don't want to hurt yourself, it may be a bit uncomfortable though.  The head is also going to be hyper sensitive for a while.  It's been protected all your life.  Let it "hang out" and get used to being out.
There is no rush, take your time.  You may want to stretch in the shower if it is more comfortable.  
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Hope it helps.