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hi i am 27 years old , when i get erect my foreskin does not go back it doesn't even start to go back, it is fine fore masturbating but if i try to pull it back it is tight and won't go down all the way, only about half and causes my penis to bulge at the top since it is tight, is this a problem or do i just have to keep trying to loosen it everyday, thanks for any info.Is there any cream or medicine for it.


For me, it was a slow process.
Masterbating basically helped the process, but I also manually pulled my foreskin back. On a daily basis, I would simply pull it till I felt a decent tension and held for half a minute or so in the shower.
Since I did all this in my youth, I also had my foreskin still adhered to my penis head near the head's edges. As an adolescent, this may not be an issue for you.

Also, you do have cream options. Consult a doctor of course, but the use of topical steroid cream can help.
In a quote from jamesMD of this forum, "use of a topical steroid cream and retraction exercises allow for complete and easy retraction of the foreskin in up to 90% of cases. In 85% cases it requires only 6 weeks of treatment. This treatment is particularly successful with older children and adolescents with non-adhesion phimosis."

Non-adhesion phimosis simply refers to having a penis that does not have its foreskin adhered (stuck) to the penis head.

The following information will probably help you:

Original Post

Hey need some advice, my foreskin is attached to the head of my penis by a strip of skin, which does not allow the foreskin to retract properly when erect. This causes the foreskin to swell up, and occasional bleeding. What should I do?

Doctor Response with info relevant to your condition varun:


This post is describing a condition known as phimosis. In some cases, the opening of the foreskin is too narrow to pass over the head. In other cases, the foreskin is adhered to the glans (head) of the penis.

Note that in infants and young children, the foreskin is normally adhered to the head of the penis. This is normal, and neither the child nor the parent should attempt to forcibly retract the foreskin. With time, the adhesions will loosen, and the foreskin will be able to move back off the head with only applying gentle pressure. This may not occur until age 12-13.

Phimosis that does not resolve on its own may become a reason on medical concern for several reasons. It may cause tightness which results in pain during erections. As young men become sexually active, they may become self-conscious regarding the appearance of their penis.

The typical medical treatment for phimosis is a combination of gentle retraction exercises and application of a prescribed topical steroid cream. The steroid cream is applied to all surfaces of the foreskin as directed, and the foreskin is gently pulled back as much as is comfortable. The foreskin retraction exercises should be performed at least twice a day.

If the phimosis is creating problems for the child, this treatment can be used as early as age 4-6, depending on the clinical situation. The boy should be taught to perform the retraction exercises himself so that he can obtain maximum retraction but without causing pain.

Phimosis frequently becomes a concern in boys age 10-14. Increasing penis size during puberty can cause phimosis which was not previously painful to become very painful during erections. Boys of this age should be able to meet with their doctor privately to discuss their concerns. While certain low-potency topical steroid creams (like hydrocortisone) are available over the counter, typically high-potency or medium potency topical steroid creams, available only by prescription, work much more quickly and are much more effective.

In cases where the foreskin is not adhered to the head, but is too tight to retract, studies have demonstrated that the use of a topical steroid cream and retraction exercises allow for complete and easy retraction of the foreskin in up to 90% of cases. In 85% cases it requires only 6 weeks of treatment. This treatment is particularly successful with older children and adolescents with non-adhesion phimosis.

Circumcision is rarely necessary for treatment. In phimosis caused by a tight foreskin (without adhesion), only about 2% will require circumcision. Even if circumcision does need to be performed, the child or his parents have the option of choosing how much of the foreskin will remain. Typically, only the tight preputial ring needs to be removed, allowing for most of the foreskin to remain. Sometimes children or the parents opt for total circumcision for cosmetic reasons, but it is medically necessary only in the most severe cases.

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I had a similar problem so please allow me to add my 3 cents here.

Keep in mind that I am 69 years old now. That means I did this at a time when Doctors were loath to giving you any useful information about such subjects. So everything I did came from my own little pea brain.

My foreskin had always been pulled back for cleaning from the time I was born so it went behind the head easily. When I got to my teen years and my erections became larger, the tip was too tight if it happened to get caught behind the glans as an erection came on. By the time I was in my twenties I wanted it to go back comfortably so I stretched it by inserting two fingers in the tip and stretching it wider while I was in the shower. Stretch it until it hurts a little and hold it as long as you can. This probably will cause stretch marks that are a little sore, especially when urine gets on them, but it's not really bad. It took me several months to stretch it enough and I did it once in a while for many years after so it wouldn't go back to it's original state. Well, that's what I told myself anyway. Actually it felt really good to play with myself in the shower.

Bambi has another good stretching method here:

After you get it stretched so it will go back past the head you may find the frenulum is too short.

My frenulum wasn't a problem until I got married and began having sex every day. It tore and then the ends healed back together so it was still too short. The next time it tore I wrapped it to keep the ends from healing back together and it was a little longer. It tore a few more times but eventually it was long enough to allow my foreskin to retract all the way back. At that point the tip was able to roll all the way down the shaft nearly to my abdomen. It is truly a joy to have a foreskin that rolls all the way back there easily and comfortably, so what little pain was involved was definitely worth it. Mine tore naturally during sex but you can have a doctor cut it after numbing it if that's the problem. Just make sure he cuts it so it will no longer interfere with your foreskin retracting all the way. I have read about guys who had that done and it was still too short. I can't see having to go back and do it again. Make sure they get it RIGHT the first time.

After I was able to pull the foreskin all the way back, the sensitivity of the glans became more of an issue.

Eventually I got tired of the glans being sensitive and I decided to desensitize it. When I was a kid I had several friends with whom I masturbated who were circumcised. I was surprised to find their glans was no more sensitive than my finger tips. I surmised that was because it had always been getting rubbed by whatever came near it so all I should need to do was make mine get used to being touched. I reasoned that since it was sticky, that caused more irritation, so I began by cleaning it so it would dry completely and not be sticky when I touched it. I did that by pulling my foreskin all the way back and cleaning the glans and inner foreskin with cotton balls that were soaked in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol feels cold at first then it tingles and feels hot. After the alcohol dried, the skin was no longer sticky and my now super clean fingers could rub it gently to work on the desensitization. Between the foreskin being pulled back and the tingly feeling and touching it, I would get pretty turned on so this resulted in a lot of masturbation. :D I worked on desensitizing it often.

I suppose because of the method I used to desensitize it, since then I've always masturbated by dry rubbing it with my foreskin pulled all the way back. I find I like that much better than rolling the foreskin up and down. Also, having a foreskin that rolls all the way back comfortably is great during intercourse. :)

Have fun, I did.