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Hi,i m 18 and my penis size is abt 15cm when erect.........when my penis erect,my foreskin dont get down and red top dont comes out........if i forcefuly downs my foreskin,it pains and my red top is very sensitive....what can i do as it is embarassing for me among my frnds..?


Hi Guest,

You are bigger than average erect.

You need to stretch your foreskin.  You can get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so the glans (head) stretches the foreskin OR you can use your fingers to spread the opening.  This is COMMON on most males until around age 16 - so start stretching today.  Do it in the shower as the warm water helps soften the skin.

The more you do it the sooner you'll be able to retract your foreskin.  It should slide easily over the glans when erect. 

It's also normal for your glans to be very sensitive at first.  It's been protected by the foreskin and is not used to being touched.  You'll get used to it soon.

Hope it helps.