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Hi, im quite embarassed about this but I am uncircumcised and I am wanting to know if my foreskin/penis is normal.

I can easily retract my foreskin when flaccid but I am scared to go all the way incase it gets stuck.

When I try retract it when erect it goes half way then starts hurting.

I masturbate roughly 4 times a week and want to know if this is all normal.

When I retract my foreskin all the way and get an erection, what happens?

And do i pull the foreskin back over the head when flaccid and can it get stuck?



Hi guest,

Your foreskin is normal. It does sound as if you still need to stretch it since you say it only goes about 1/2 way.

Check this post for a how to:

Masturbating 4 times a week is normal.

Your foreskin could get stuck so don't force it. As you stretch it should begin to slide easier. The more you stretch, the faster you'll notice progress.

Hope it helps.


at 17 you should be doing it much more than 4 times a week. atyour age i was doing it 3 times a day at least. what do you think you got it for? i am now 73 and still wank once a day and i am still around.go for it kid and have fun.


You are normal for your age. However, it would be good if you could stretch your foreskin a bit so that it will go back and forth easily when you are erect. If you did that you would not have to worry about it getting stuck.

If you were to retract your foreskin all of the way and you got an erection, it might be painful until you finish your stretching. Also, it might get trapped behind the head. That's called paraphimosis.

Masturbation only four times a week seems inadequate. Can't you do it more? You can stretch your foreskin at the same time by pulling it back against the head while you are erect.