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I am 19 and my penis is uncircumcised.


1. the foreskin isn't very tight but I haven't been able to pull it down the head entirely.

How can I do it?

2.Does the foreskin get pulled down the head by itself when the penis is erect?

3.How is masturbation with foreskin pulled down the head different from the foreskin being rolled up?



Hi Guest,

1.  You need to stretch your foreskin.  You can get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans of your penis stretches the opening OR use your fingers to spread it.  The more you do it the sooner you'll see results.  It may help to do it in the shower - the warm water helps soften the skin.

START NOW!  As you get older the skin gets tougher.  This usually resolves by about age 16 or so.

2.  Yes.  The foreskin should slide easily past the head when erect.

3.  You can just slide the skin over your glans.  It can feel very good. 

You don't ask but sex is more pleasurable.  The skin won't be as tight and you'll feel much more. 

Just one thing, your glans will be very sensitive at first - NORMAL.  It's not used to being exposed.  You will get used to it eventually.

Good luck.



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1)  You need to stretch it to be able to pull it back behind the head. You can do that slowly by just pulling it back until it gets too tight and holding it there for a few minutes. Do it as often as you can. Or you can put your little fingers inside the tip and open it as much as you can for a few minutes each time.

2)  Not necessarily, it depends on how long it is and how tight it is. If it's loose enough it will got pushed back during sex without a condom. The head will slide in and out of the foreskin inside the woman. That's the way it's meant to work and that feels very good.

3)  If you want to masturbate with it pulled back it feels really good but you have to get the bare head used to being touched and rubbed. I like to hold mine back tight and dry rub the bare head but it takes time to get it used to that. however it also feels great.