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My period was 5 months late I'm irregular so I didnt think anything of it. 2 weeks before my "period" came I had swollen sore nipples mild cramping slight back ache and constipation and diarrhea. Also a metallic taste in my mouth that lasted 4 days. My period finally came it started with very light pink spotting all night the next day was a little heavier but hardly enough for a panty liner it lasted 3 days each day getting lighter and ended in super light spotting which is very unusual for me as my period is really heavy te first 2/3 days. Now my period is over I'm still getting mild cramps and my temperature is at 99.14 I feel hotter than usual and my nipples are still kinda sensitive which is also unusual because those symptoms stop after my 2 nd day of period please help!


I first had my imlant inserted in November 2011. I have not had a period since then which has been great. Every month for a day or two i get a slight cramping feeling but nothing ever comes of it but in the last week i have had like a brown spotting and a few clots. It is definitely not a proper period but does this mean that I am now going to start getting them again? I am so undecided about the implant because the no periods thing is great but i did completely lose my sex drive. I have been slowly getting it back recently and now this happens. I finally feel like i actually want to have sex with my partner again and now I don't know if this spotting is going to be continuous and if it will happen more when having sex as i have read that this has happened to other girls. If this is the case, i am afraid it might complately knock my confidence/sex drive again. I know that everyone seems to have different effects from the implant but if anyone could give me some advice, it would be great!!! Thanks.