I'm 19 and i've always had a somewhat normal cycle. It's always heavy, normally lasts between 5-6 days and the latest my period has ever been was 3 days late. Last month i had my period on April 7th and i was expecting it to start again on May 7th and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 24th of April. i started cramping about a week before the 7th and my breasts got sore about 5 days before my expected period, but it didn't show up. I ignored it for a couple of days thinking it would start later on, but there was nothing. Finally on May 16th, 10 days later, i had some bleeding and it only lasted 4 days. It was a pinkish color and very light on the first day, the second day it was a mixture of brown and pink and the flow was on and off all day, the same thing with the third day, and on the fourth i had some pink spotting and then i just had brown discharge for the rest of the day. i'm still having cramps and my breasts are still sore butt my period ended 3 days ago which is unusual for me because my pms signs don't usually stay past my period.
My cramps are very mild, i mean nothing painful enough for Ibuprofen or anything, but they tend to act up more when i do a lot of moving around. And my breasts have been constantly sensitive for about 4 weeks now. what's going on? any advise?