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my due date is july 27th 2013

i was told this morning from my doctor that I conceived on either November 6th or November 7th 2012

my last period was october 20th 2012

i slept with my ex boyfriend a couple of times in October and than again November 7th 2012

i slept with my boyfriend around november 10th 2012

does this mean my ex boyfriend is the father or my boyfriend!??



Hi Jessica,

Did your last period START on October 20th?

If so, you would have likely ovulated between October 31 and November 5 (28 day cycle).  The egg can remain viable for about 48 hours after ovulation, sperm can remain viable for about 5 days.

By November 10th it would have likely been to late in your cycle for you to get pregnant.

It does look like your ex is the father.  Only a DNA test can confirm.