so I posted a similar post as a guest but that might take to long to answer so recap..

My stomach is growling a lot for that last 4 days. I have no pain. and at first no gas but now i got more.
At first i thought it was bad food for the day but i have been on a diet lately and i have been exercising more. I admit i usually do not watch what i eat but this time i have. My stomach is being weird.
I also have been having trouble using the bathroom for the last 3days.
I get hungry but i am starting to get scared of eating to much because how do i eat when i cant use bathroom.
Or do i eat even though my stomach is growling as it as i do not want other food to contribute to the problem i currently have.
i understand the simple problem it could be but iv never had this much stomach growling, movement idk how to explain it.

i am took pepto at 10pm then i woke at at 4am because my stomach was growling.
I need to know what the symptoms are leading too

o ya stomach growling and i am having trouble using bathroom
in last 3days i had 3 meals you could say 3 lunches. At first it was because i could not use bathroom i figured why eat + i was not getting hungry but now i am getting hungry my bathroom use improved but my stomach growling got worse..
Well thanks if your answer my question :-)