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hi im 17 almost 18 this april and im a male,

well recently like 3-4 days ago my tongue started to hurt. it feels sorda tingly, lightly burning, theres blisters apperaing and dissapearing.

-well reasons why i think i might have this is because i do take some cheap vitamin b12 sometimes but not everyday basis.

-my girlfriend did bite me kinda hard on my tongue. i've done some research and it says that physical harm can cause bacteria to enter the tongue causing it to feel this way

-i do take acne pills that are said does no harm cause their made from natural stuff.

and i dont think its strawberry or MS or i hope not

well thats all i can think of...


any one help me?


Hi roseimpala,
There is a good chance that you had a cut on your tongue from the bit that your girlfriend gave you. Bacteria likes to go inside the cuts whenever it has a chance. Do you see any cuts on your tongue? They don’t have to be big. If this is the case you will probably have an infection and you will notice it visually on your tongue as a sore.
Is there a chance that you burned your tongue with hot or spicy food? This can often cause the tongue to feel this way, not always is the pain presented. In my opinion you should just watch what you eat and drink, and in few days you will be fine.
Good luck,