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After a few days of thinking I had a mouth ulcer on my tongue (i am quite prone to mouth uclers) i finally looked at my tongue, and its all white/grey on the top surface, especially at the back, and my mother thinks i should go to the doctor. Also, the very tip tingles a little, and i thought maybe i just bit my tongue. But now im worried because a week or two ago my friend was complaining of a sore tongue, and i have kissed her numerous times since. could it be an STD? I dont want to give it to my boyfriend too, so id really like to know. Or could it just be 'burnt' from hot food?


Well, if you are suspecting that you have an STD you probably have a good reason for that. If your friend belongs to group of people whose sexual behavior is risky than you should definitely visit your doctor and do certain tests to discover if you are infected. Although you should be aware that most of STSs are not transferring only by kissing.

Anyway if you need to see a doctor because of suspicion that you are infected with STD than you can inform him about the tingling sensation on the tip of your tongue and ask him to send you to the ENT doctor as well. At least you will be sure and it is never wrong to check if you are completely fine.