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ok well i have these spots on my tongue that look like i had burnt it. i got them 2 days ago when i got this cold, i have no clue what it could be and how to gt rid of it. they dont hurt or anything but it looks like i have a disese. i need help i dont no what to do.



Have you been drinking anything hot like hot tea for the cold? Is your tongue sore and do you have any pain on your tongue? Are you able to eat normally? Have you tried to put something cold in your mouth to ease the tongue redness? This could also be red patches from some sort of an infection. Your cold might have triggered the redness on your tongue. Try to wash out your mouth with chamomile tea, but avoid hot things. Also try not to eat spicy food because this can only make things worse. Have you been using any antibiotics for the cold? Antibiotics will help with the infection so I think that your redness on tongue will go away after the cold .

Good luck,