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i got my tongue pierced just three days ago. Everything was normal, that they told me would happen. But today im worried my tongue was bleeding this morning and one part of my tongue infront of the bar in starting to come loose and i can almost rip it this alright or should i do something about this?



You have to understand that your tongue piercing is still healing. However the blood is not a good sign. Are you doing everything what they told you about taking care of the wound? You need to understand that there is a chance that your tongue might get infected which means that you will most likely have to get your piercing out. You should see your doctor about this condition because I don’t think that some home remedies will help you. You might need to clean the wound to get rid of infection. Also you have to understand that if you wait for few more days you might just have more complication with the tongue and the piercing.  

Good luck,