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Hello. I'm 24 year old female.
I'm having one problem and I don’t know how to handle this.
My tongue and the sides of my mouth are covered in what looks like a white film that does not come off when brushed with a toothbrush.
That white stuff layer just turned a little bit thinner, but still there.
First I thought it was some food allergy but I didn’t find any information about the possible type of food that can cause this kind of symptoms.
I don’t know what to do because I have never experienced anything similar to this.
I'm desperate for help!


Well, I don’t know why you didn’t pay a visit to your local dermatologist. There are several diseases that can cause that kind of white plaques in your mouth and on your tongue.
Some of them are very serious and life threatening like Pemphigus, one autoimmune disease which almost always starts with white tongue and mouth.
Of course you should always think on some bacterial infection cause by some trivial bacteria found in your carious tooth.
Also very common is fungal infection. This can be easily treated with some of many wide specter antibiotics like Difucan.
In the end you should also know that the tongue often changes due to problems in the body.
Like vitamin deficiencies, nerve problems, muscle problems, hormones issues...
Whatever is the cause, professional opinion is the most valuable treatment.
Good luck!